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Sportic trains socioemotional abilities through sports and technology.
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Sportic’s participants are between 12 and 18 years old
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Sportic’s training contributes to the development of abilities for the XXI Century within a framework of rights and gender equality.
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The program is carried out in Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina.
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The program is carried out in public schools and community areas.
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Teacher quality is a fundamental pillar of the program.
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The positive impact of the Sportic Program on adolescents and young adults

Sportic's monitoring areas worked together to measure the impact of the program on program participants residing in the implementation locations in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. The study reached 1660 Sportic graduates who completed the training in at least 6 months prior to the application of the evaluation instrument. In... Read More "The positive impact of the Sportic Program on adolescents and young adults Read More »El impacto positivo del Programa Sportic en adolescentes y j√≥venes

Sportic at the Youth Rights Week

From October 28 to 30, the twelfth edition of the Youth Rights Week will be held in Chapadmalal, Argentina.¬† The "Week" is a space for meeting, training and dialogue, where the protagonism and social organization of adolescents and youth is promoted around their rights. It is... Read More "Sportic at the Youth Rights Week